Week 6

Week 6 (June 25 – July 1): Self-Reflexive, Ekphrastic, and Concretist Poetry


Poems useful for exploring poetic self-reflexivity:

  1. Anne Bradstreet, “The Author to her Book.
  2. Elizabeth Bishop, “Sestina.
  3. Billy Collins, “Introduction to Poetry.
  4. Marianne Moore, “Poetry.
  5. Dante Rossetti, “A Sonnet is a Moment’s Monument.

Ekphrastic Poems:

  1. Alexander Pope, The Iliad Book XVIII (excerpt describing the shield of Achilles): pair it with this image.
  2. W. H. Auden, “The Shield of Achilles” — pair it with this image.
  3. W. H. Auden, “The Musee des Beaux Artes” — pair it with this image.
  4. William Carlos Williams, “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” — pair it with this image.
  5. Elizabeth Bishop, “Large Bad Picture” — pair it with this image (scroll down to bottom).
  6. John Keats, “Ode on a Grecian Urn” — pair it with this image.

Concretist poems:

  1. George Herbert, “Easter Wings.
  2. George Herbert, “The Altar.
  3. Thomas Hardy, “The Convergence of the Twain” (in which the two things converging are “the Titanic” and “an iceberg.”
  4. Guillaume Apollinaire, “Lettre-ocean” from Calligrammes.
  5. Guillaume Apollinaire, “La visee” from Calligrammes.
  6. Guillaume Apollinaire, “Il pleut” from Calligrammes (scroll down to bottom).
  7. Eugen Gomringer’s “Silencio”:
    This is a poem [JMC]

    This is a poem [JMC]

  8. Augusto de Campos, “Gertude Stein”:Gertrude Stein de Campos
  9. Haroldo de Campos, “SOS”:SOS de CamposTranslation, from outer to inner circles:
    I ego eu ya ich io je yo ………..   I ego eu ya ich io je yo
    sós  pós  nós    ………………….. ….alone after we
    que faremos apos?  ………………..what will we do afterwards?
    sem soi  sem mãe  sem pai    ………without sun  without mother without father
    a noite que anoitece …………………   in the night that becomes night
    vagaremos sem voz  ……………………we will go roaming without voice
    silencioso    ……………………………………………..silently
    SOS  ……………………………………………………….SOS

Instructional Content:

  1. Self-Reflexivity
  2. Ekphrasis
  3. The Concretist Lineage
  4. Case study: Concretism


Task List:

  1. Monday, 6/25: View the content under “This Week” on the site banner menu for week six, including the linked poems and my instructional pages. The poems this week are in three groups of five corresponding to the three subsections in the instructional pages.
  2. Monday, 6/25: Think carefully about self-reflexivity and ekphrasis (art’s awareness of itself and the existence of other works of art). Pick one of the ekphrastic poems for this week and compose a blog post in which you describe how you see it as both self-reflexive and meditating on the associated image. Illustrate your poem with the provided image. Captions optional.
  3. Tuesday, 6/26:  Take to twitter and respond to my initial prompt, which will be up by 9am EDT. Remember to use the #vizpoem hashtag in every tweet for my course.
  4. Tuesday, 6/26: Read my illustration example post about ekphrasis and W. H. Auden’s “The Musee des Beaux Artes,” to be found under the Examples menu link, and tweeted to #vizpoem by end of day.
  5. Wednesday 6/27: Check the netvibes page and read at least three classmates’ meditations on ekphrastic poetic reflexivity. Edit your original post and link to one of them in order to compare your inferences about the relationship between the poem and the digital image to your classmate’s attempt. In order to distinguish old from new writing, I recommend either reblogging the original post with some new sentences and links added, or (my preferences) editing the original, but appending some new materials.
  6. Thursday, 6/28: Take to twitter for another twitter convo! NOTE: If you travel down to the Sunday link (#8) you’ll see we have another recap blog post due — so it’ll be for the best if you favorite or otherwise copy tweets that you plan to narrate in your post as it’s going along rather than combing through tweets later on.
  7. Friday 6/29: Compose a blog post in which you meditate on your meditations from Monday and Wednesday, this time adding a discussion from your favorite concretist poem from this week. Try to specify how a poem that looks like itself has a different flavor of self-reflexivity than a poem that talks about a painting (or itself). Link to any course pages from this week that influenced your thinking.
  8. Sunday, 7/1: Compose a reflective blog post that mentions and embeds at least three tweets (yours included) as you display the ones you felt were most successful in speaking for the class’s learning consensus from this week.

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