Visual Poetry (ENGL 215) is an open online course dedicated to utilizing the affordances of the internet to help introduce readers to poetry. We will talk about, illustrate, role-play, mark up, read aloud, and build digital versions of short lyric poems. By engaging with these poems and sharing our interpretations, we can help each other become  savvier at writing about poetry. But it is my great hope that we can also become more passionate about this genre, and have fun as we grow in our understanding.

Course Trailer: 

To sample some of the content and online activities, please take a tour of the menu.

  • This Week links to a set of texts, instructional activities, and course activities, organized by week. These must be completed by the specified date so that we may turn our attention to the next activity.
  • Examples contains my own blog posts. This is where I will be posting my own illustrations of poems to serve as models for how you might apply the concepts for that week.
  • Recaps contains my blog posts that aggregate tweets — either to narrate weekly conversations, or to compile lines from that week’s #popcornpoem.
  • Member Blogs is the netvibes page for this course. Here I will aggregate the blogs for any learner who wishes to write about and share their thoughts with our learning community. If you wish to join us, please fill out the contact form below! My VCU students should make a WordPress blog through Ram Pages, but for open participants any blog that allows comments is fine (WordPress.com, tumblr with plugins, blogger, etc) — but if you have a pre-existing blog and wish to continue writing about other subjects too, I recommend creating a category or tag called #vizpoem, writing an introductory post about yourself, and letting me know to aggregate that category or tag on netvibes when you sign up.
  • FAQ contains all tutorial videos and my responses to common questions about the course. Check here if you have a question! I may already have answered it for someone else.
  • Archives collates the previous weeks of content and activities for future reference.

Join our Community!

Please fill out this form if you are enrolled in this course, or if you simply wish to participate in our discussions, and I will add you to the Netvibes blog aggregator and to the course list on Twitter.


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